Project Africa is a service of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific npo (CBL-ACP) which helps Belgian and Luxembourg companies to develop their projects in Africa. The CBL-ACP has access to a broad network of business partners in Africa with which this Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce cooperates closely regarding investments with Belgian and Luxembourg partners.

project africa

Facilitating projects in Africa

Since its foundation in 1964, the CBL-ACP has always considered the facilitation of investments in Africa of paramount importance for investment firms in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Chambers of Commerce assistance consists of introducing members to private and public African economic operators, organizing information session regarding the legal and fiscal structure of the target countries, providing assistance with tenders of African public services, …

Project Africa as a service of the CBP-ACP brings African companies into contact with companies in Belgium and Luxembourg as well, in order to optimize their intercontinental projects and investments. The CBL-ACP provides economic and strategic information to African investment companies, it organizes business meetings and facilitates the procedure to obtain a visa for business purposes.

Interorganizational representation

The CBL-ACP represents the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the EBCAM which is the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean where it cooperates with other European member organizations. The CBL-ACP is represented in the Board of the CRE-AC, the Belgian Reference Centre on Expertise for Central Africa and it is also a Board Member of the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific npo organizes at regular times and always in close cooperation with federal and regional instances economic missions in Africa (North-Africa included), in the Caribbean region and Pacific Countries. The CBL-ACP disposes of permanent delegations abroad based in some twenty countries that assist visiting members and serves as an information point.