The Chamber of Commerce set up an assistance unit aimed at informing and guiding members through the financing world.

Accordingly, the Chamber of Commerce established a financing division to assist members in finance related matters. This Financing Division was created in March 2009 and has the task of seeking project financing opportunities in the ACP countries and of informing the Chamber's members. Additionally, it helps the Board in its contacts and decision making with diverse entities such as African authorities and organizations, regional, national and international financing institutions, the African business community, Belgian Promotion and Trade organizations as well as the Belgian authorities. 

The Financing Division is active in the organization of information sessions on various financing possibilities, participation at relevant meetings and transmission of valuable information to members, publication of articles on financing related topics, communication to different institutions and authorities concerning the area of project financing in ACP countries, contact to regional, national and international financing institutions, contact to commercial banks, organization of workshops and conferences and last but not least, provision of guidance through the financing world.

The responsibility of the Financing Division has been entrusted to Mr. Alexander Herring in coordination and with the support of Mr. David Mariage, Mr. Maurice Vermeesch, Mr. Thierry Claeys Bouuaert and Mr. Paul Frix. All have gained over years an in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of financing institutions and export project financing. As Vice President of the CBL-ACP, Mr. Maurice Vermeesch is providing his patronage to the financing division. Mr. Alexander Herring is also Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) to the World Bank Group.

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